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Liu Ye
Biographical Information

Born in Beijing, China

School of Arts & Crafts, Beijing

Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

MFA, Hochschule der Kunst Berlin, Bildende Kunst Berlin, Germany

Selected Exhibitions

In the Mood for Paper, Art Gallery, Beijing

Beyond Cartoon, Beyond Art Space, Beijing 
China Macht Druck, Stadtische Galerie, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
Crouching Paper, Hidden Dragon - Works on Paper, F2 Gallery, Beijing  
China macht Druck. Zeitgenössische Chinesische Druckgrafik, Städtische Galerie Bietigheim – Bissingen

Liu Ye - Solo Exhibition, Johnen & Schöttle, Cologne, Germany
RE-collection - A Retrospective Look at 15 years of Art and Vision, Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong
Time Difference, Initial Access Frank Cohen Collection, Wolverhampton, UK
Chinafenser, Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland 

Beyond the Canvas, Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong
Liu Ye - Temptations, Solo Exhibition, Sperone Westwater Gallery, New York City, USA

Mahjong - Chinesische Gegenwartskunst, Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland
Paintings, Watercolours & Prints, Galerie Frank Schlag & Cie, Essen, Germany

Through the Artists’ Eyes - Red Yellow Blue, Solo Exhibition, Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong
Stone Face Bang, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China
Fiction Love – Ultra New Vision in Contemporary Art, MOCA Taipei, Taiwan
Contemporary Lithography Group Exhibition, Michael Schultz Gallery Beijing, Berlin, Seoul & Beijing

Red Yellow Blue, Schoeni Art Gallery, Beijing, China
Left Hand, Right Hand, 798, Beijing, China
A Bulimic Rhapsody, 798, Beijing, China
1st Anniversary Celebration, Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong
ChinArt, Ludwing Museum, Budapest, Hungary
ChinArt, Museo Arte Contemporanea di Roma, Rome, Italy
Lifetime, Beijing Tokyo Art Projects, Beijing, China
New Generation and Post - Revolution, Chinablue Gallery, Beijing, China

You Talk You Say, Guangzhou Art Fair, Guangzhou, China
The Beauty of Screen, Today Gallery, Beijing, China
Paris-Pékin, Espace Pierre Cardi, Paris, France
ChinArt, Museum Kuppenmuhlr Sammlung Grothe, Duisburg, Germany
Small Panels Show, Schoeni Art Gallery III, Beijing, China
High Summer, Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China
1st Guangzhou Trinnial, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China
Chinese Contemporary Art, Reykjavik Museum of Modern Art, Reykjavik, Iceland
Boys From Beijing, Chinese Contemporary, London, UK
Contemporary Paintings by 33 Artists, Schoeni Art Gallery, Beijing, China
Poster Exhibition of Chinese Avant-Garde, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China

Fellini, A Guardsman, Mondrian, the Pope and My Girlfriend, Chinese Contemporary Gallery, London, UK
1st Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu, China
Chinese Mythology, Yidian Gallery, Shanghai, China
Initial Image-Art On Paper, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai, China
Graphix and Comix in China, Canvas International Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Transparence- Opaque, De Markten, Brussels, Belgium
Undo, Aura Gallery, Shanghai, China

Liu Ye & Keith Harling, Lococo Mulder Fine Art Publishers, Berlin, Germany
New Works Show, Gallery Plus, Antwerpen, Belgium
Liu Ye and Mao Yan, Chinese Contemporary, London, UK
A selection from Shanghai Art Museum's Collection, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Photography as Fine Art, Galerie Skala, Cologne, Germany

Art Asia '92, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong
Liberation, Chinese Contemporary, London, China
The 40th, China Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany

It's Me!, Forbidden City Tai Miao, Beijing, China
Mondrian in China, Art Gallery of the Beijing International Palace, Beijing, China ; Shanghai Library, Shanghai, China; Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangdong, China
From Behind the Bamboo Curtain, LUMC Gallery, Leiden, Germany
Chinese Artists Invitational Exhibition, Liu Haisu Gallery, Shanghai, China
Four Artists, Art Gallery of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Ming Jing Di Gallery, Beijing, China
Made in China, Gallery Serieuse Zaken, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Second Wave, Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China

Gallery Taube, Berlin, Germany
New Anecdotes of Social Talk, Art Gallery of the Beijing International Palace, Beijing, China

Gallery Taube, Berlin, Germany

FBK Art Exhibition, Berlin, Germany

Silk Road, China Art Gallery, Beijing, China



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